Are you a new mum wondering how to safely recover and regain fitness after childbirth?

Leaking with a cough or sneeze?  Rushing to the loo (and maybe not making it)?  Feeling heavy, drier or just “different” down below?  Needing to pee more often? Discomfort with intimacy?

I am to inspire confidence, raise expectations for your health and empower you with knowledge of how your body works, so from new motherhood to menopause and beyond you don’t just live, you flourish!

Physiotherapy can help at any age.  So why wait?

“What a pleasant surprise to find a knowledgeable and extremely pleasant and practical physiotherapist who really explained things clearly and concisely.. As a therapy appointment it was one of the best. Thank you Helena for making a daunting experience almost a pleasure!”

Mrs S

“I appreciated your help, care and support for me through a very difficult time. I learned a huge amount from you and benefitted immensely from being able to talk to you and have your advice and support.”

Mrs W